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When I started my journey as a travel SLP, I wanted adventure, Instagram pictures, and to make a lot of money! I set out knowing that I didn't know at all, but figured I knew enough. Boy, was I wrong! I made mistakes, I worked with bad recruiters, and worst of all I lost money! Travel therapy can be a wonderful life but there are many things I had to learn along the way that I wish someone would have told me upfront.


After years of traveling and mentoring countless healthcare travelers, I decided to create the resource I needed when I began this travel adventure. I wanted to make something that laid out the process of becoming a traveler and living the travel lifestyle, something that answered all of those questions I had and then some!  

The Travel SLP course is designed to bring current and future SLPs from curious to capable travelers, one step at a time.


The Settings Guide for SLPs provides an overview of 9 potential settings an SLP (traveler, or permanent) may come across and provides ideas and resources to become competent, confident, and capable in those settings! When designing this course I was thinking of myself, going from setting to setting as a traveler, but also my friends who have worked in one setting since grad school and are wondering about trying something new!

The Healthcare Traveler course is designed for any healthcare professional that might be interested in travel therapy. From OTs and PTs to nurses, CNAs, rad techs, social workers and more! This course walks through the steps to not only become a traveler, but to thrive as a traveler! 

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